Pretty Evil

Taking its lead from the Twenty8Twelve collection ‘Houngonikon’, this collection draws its inspiration from the film Badlands. The plot is dark, as a young girl and her boyfriend go on a killing spree in rural America. Full of transfixing moments, the film is beautifully shot and the story is told with a sense of melancholy and beauty.

‘Pretty Evil’ is a feminine collection with an underlying darkness. The story of each piece is revealed in layers. These layers can be added or taken away to alter the look of the pieces – a bracelet can be unclasped from a necklace and charms can be attached or removed.

Early American Industry is referenced in the use of denim; denim details can be detached to add a timeless quality and provide versatility.

The collection also looks towards London youth and its melting pot of cultural inspirations; vintage, grime, hip hop, dub-step and skank, and hints towards the photography of Malick Sidibe referencing his portrayal of youth culture in 1950’s Alabama.

The eclectic use of colour and denim throughout the collection gives a slight 1980’s feel, looking towards the 80’s New York hip hop scene, adding an element of fun.

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