With direction from ‘The Burnettes and Burlinson’ A/W 2011 by Twenty8Twelve, this collection looks towards beat culture, French beatniks and the imagery of the French New Wave Cinema movement of the 60s – the films of Jean-Luc Godard in particular – to set the scene. Jean Seberg is our poster girl here – who epitomised that laid back cool. French tabac culture and Serge Gainsbourg are referenced, lending a smoky air and a cocky swagger to the look, and our title ‘Dancing the Javanaise’ is taken from Gainsbourg’s song of the same name.

The collection also nods towards post-war Teddy Girls and their scuffed up Edwardian-inspired style – black silk bows and cameos.

We’ve borrowed a touch of Rockabilly attitude to give a tomboy charm to the collection, and the detail in the pieces is influenced by Andre Breton and his fellow surrealist artists and poets – capturing the dream-like elements of the beatnik epoch.

The palette is subdued – muted organic tones, blackened silvers and burnished golds – reflecting iconic imagery and art of the 50s and 60s.

dancing the javanaise

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